E-Commerce. Revolutionized.

From clicks to conversations. Forget about transactions. Your new focus is to build loyal, long-term relationships and create returning customers.

Build a Conversational AI chatbot for your E-Commerce.

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Daniel Wellington
Tiger Of Sweden
The Fragrance Shop
CCP Games
Rat & Boa

Over 98% of your traffic doesn't convert - that's not good business.

Ecommerce is not just a question of price, but of service.

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Businesses still expect users to...

Click buttons

Tick boxes

Browse endless options

The consequence?

Users end up buying the wrong size t-shirt

Or just give up entirely...

Because they lacked guidance and support.

Is it possible to provide a personalized, high-quality user experience, which delivers up to 400% more ecommerce conversions from chat? Certainly.

The Certainly Chatbot Builder enables you to create integrated and fully autonomous shopping experiences.

Frictionless commerce, from intent to purchase

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Personalized Customer Experiences that exceed expectations: upselling, cross-selling and recommending relevant products to create happy customers who just keep on coming back.


Access to reporting analytics and user profiling for marketing to optimize future retargeting campaigns, all driven by zero-party data from automated conversations with customers.


Happy customers are loyal customers! Conversational Commerce ensures fewer product returns, lower cart abandonment and higher customer lifetime value.

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Want to see in action? Certainly.

A Digital Twin of your best salesperson.

Companies are turbo-charging their ecommerce with the next generation of Conversational AI assistants.

Imagine what you could achieve with an AI chatbot who:

Actually, takes visitors to the right section on your website

Makes product recommendations tailored to user intent at that exact moment

Understands all languages, can reply in 14+ and is available 24/7

Be where your customers need you

Whenever, wherever, you're meant to be together. Your AI assistant delivers friction-free commerce on multichannel, so you never miss an opportunity to deliver an amazing customer experience We have trained our AI Engine on 24.000+ ecommerce-specific sentences - so you don't have to. Cover all ecommerce questions: i.e., delivery time, availability, special offers, order status, product returns, payment methods, etc.

What have customers achieved with Certainly?

Tiger of Sweden

"With the AI-based technology from Certainly, we have experienced real value from day one and we have been able to increase customer satisfaction from 73% to 96%. Without any IT background or coding skills, we built the first chatbot within weeks - and after a few months, we saw great results.

Getting closer to our customers, having conversations with many more of them via our chatbot, and understanding their problems in real-time has not only led to happy customers but also to happy employees."

0 Developers

Needed to build the chatbot

96% CSAT

A 23% increase since implementing Certainly's chatbot

35% of all queries

Handled by their AI chatbot without human touch

Stop the guesswork? Certainly.

Your AI assistant knows your products inside out: connect it to your own product database so it can always provide the most up-to-date information.It also knows your customers (not in a creepy way): connect to your CRM to fetch information on your customers wishlists, previous orders, returns and personal preferences.Reap the benefits: Get access to reporting and analytics in the Certainly platform to continually improve your bot and deliver unbeatable ecommerce experiences. Higher user engagement = Higher ecommerce conversions.


The ability to embrace variations in the way different people communicate is one of the major strengths of the Certainly platform.

Katrine MarcussenBusiness Developer, KMD

Certainly has helped my startup scale and expand from Denmark to Norway and Sweden. By automating part of our customer support, we managed to answer requests quicker and most importantly, around the clock.

Ulrik Kjærsgaard LarsenFounder and CEO, Pakke ApS

Certainly enables you to start using chatbots to solve specific tasks from day one. As it integrates with 3rd party services, the platform can scale with your needs and maturity as a company.

Anders RahrSenior Vice President, IT & Logistics, IC Group A/S

Our chatbot Betty handles far more tickets than all human agents combined. More than 40% of all tickets are now solved without any human involvement.

Darren HuaTechnical Support Enginner, Tobii

The AIO team didn't want a FAQ bot, but something that would flow as a natural conversation. Certainly was able to handle both huge amounts of content and complicated dialogues.

Regin JensenCEO, AIO

I would highlight the ease of communication with Certainly engineers during the development and the excellent and fast responses they have always provided.

Ana EtxebarriaCustomer Experience Officer, SikSilk

Absolutely fantastic customer service. Whenever I hit a snag, their team is super fast to respond & they go above and beyond in explaining best practices & often proposing clever solutions to what I'm trying to achieve.

David EinarssonSenior Project Lead, CCP Games

We experience a clear connection between response time and customer satisfaction. That's why our chatbot has become extremely important. Our customer satisfaction was about 70% and today it is 92%.

Nadin KempelHead of Customer Service, Tiger of Sweden

I'm a teacher, and our students use Certainly to build different chatbot solutions for different industries - they consistently report that it's user friendly and easy to get started with the Certainly Platform.

Peter RudbeckTechnology Consultant, Copenhagen Business School

The good thing about using the Certainly platform is that we only need to maintain the English language. We then use Webhooks to scale it to support 8 languages without putting in a lot of effort.

Tonni BuurVice President of Global CX Services, Trustpilot

We love our bot because he is hardworking, always helpful, available 24 hours a day which makes him an indispensable part of our small customer service team.

Nina ToiviainenSenior Manager Service Delivery, Booking.com

Any company that wants to develop a brand voice and boost revenue, ecommerce and D2C, I would highly recommend Certainly

Jess CervellonCX Strategy & Operations Leader, Feastables

Why Certainly Conversational Commerce?

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A new-gen, automated sales assistant that gathers information from users, engages them effectively and delivers better ROI on your ad spend

Access to Conversational Commerce flows that create wow moments and ease website navigation.

The vast competitive advantage of capturing first-party consumer intent in a cookieless world.

The ability to fully integrate your bot with your shipping and order systems: Check the status, EDD, tracking link, and much more information about a customer's order.

Define events that map a customer journey for more thorough customer insights - integrate the conversational flows with intuitive analytics tools.

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