Certainly the best Shopify integration

Seamlessly connect your Certainly AI chatbot to Shopify and promote self-service by helping your customers find the right information and products at the right time.

Certainly is trusted by leading Shopify merchants around the globe

Why Certainly is perfect for Shopify merchants

Proactive recommendation

The AI uses inventory data to intelligently prompt a purchase, upsell, & cross-sell

A screenshot of products from MrBeast's Feastables with a conversation superimposed over it. The chat says "If you add two more chocolate bars to your order, you'll get a free t-shirt". There is also the Shopify integration.
24/7 customer support

Premade AI content for 90% of the most common customer queries

A list of Certainly's chatbot templates for Shopify, Ecommerce, and Support. A product card for a pair of sunglasses is overlaid.
In-platform reporting

Collect, monitor, & analyze valuable zero-party data from your customers in the platform

The Traffic Reporting pane in the Certainly Platform. There are also buttons for Message Insights and Inbox. The Fallback Fate & Message reporting for the fallbacks is superimposed over the graph.
Fits into your tech stack

Native integrations to the most widely used ecommerce tools

A image of the Certainly logo connecting to those of Trustpilot, Mailchimp, DeepL, OpenAI, Easysize, Klavyio, Zendesk, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gorgias, and blank one representing Rest APIs.
Nik Sharma CEO Sharma brands

“95% of customer service inquiries for one of our customers were solved with Certainly. Oh, and the AOV of customers who used Certainly's AI chatbot is 20% higher!”

Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands

Get connected to your Shopify account in seconds

Connect to Shopify

Embed your bot into your Shopify Theme, and you’re ready to go

Superpower your chatbot

Choose the Certainly functions which fit your store best

Integrate to your tech stack

Save 90% of development time by using our native integrations

The AI chatbot platform built for Shopify merchants’ needs

Omnichannel: whether SMS, social

media, email, reach your customers wherever they are

One-click multilingual allows you

to chat with customers in their preferred language

IT Security approved & complaint

with GDPR, HIPAA FSA, and SOC2

Fully customizable widget to let

your brand shine through to your customers

Collect zero-party data with

fun product quizzes and engaging conversations

Live handover to a human agent

at any point of the conversation

“Any company that wants to develop a brand voice and boost revenue, ecommerce and D2C, I would highly recommend Certainly”

Jess Cervellon, Head of Customer Experience, Feastables.
Jess Cervellon
Head of Customer Experience, Feastables
A photo of Jimmy Donaldson, A.K.A. MrBeast, with his Feastables branded chocolates.
“Certainly has been the best integration company we have worked with, due to their support and professionalism. We were really impressed with that.”
Lucy Greenwood, CEO & Founder, Lucy & Yak
Lucy Greenwood
CEO & Founder, Lucy & Yak