Your full-stack, Conversational AI Platform? Certainly.

AI Chatbot Platform Integrations for Personalized Brand Interactions at All Touch Points   Personalized Automation for every step of the Customer Journey.
Multilingual AI-driven chatbots platform for e-commerce. Intuitive software for creating and management of virtual agents for eCommerce.
Improve user experience and customer satisfaction, cut costs, and increase revenue with Certainly. Virtual agents powered by AI. No-code AI Chatbot.
The Certainly Platform
Revolutionize your customer journey with the Certainly Platform. Our no-code, AI-powered chatbot platform enables effortless creation of dynamic, industry-specific experiences. It features extensive pre-made content and seamless template integrations for quick deployment. Embrace omnichannel, multilingual capabilities for superior customer engagement.
AI Chatbot Platform Integrations for Personalized Brand Interactions at All Touch Points   Personalized Automation for every step of the Customer Journey.
Our Conversational AI Engine
Enhance your site with Certainly's Conversational AI engine. It handles high traffic, offering extensive pre-made content and personalized interactions through Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis. Experience fluid conversations and deep user engagement, transforming your website into a customer-centric platform.
Multilingual AI-driven chatbots platform for e-commerce. Intuitive software for creating and management of virtual agents for eCommerce.
Integrations Hub
Optimize your tech ecosystem with Certainly's Integrations Hub. It integrates smoothly with your existing setup, allowing for easy creation of AI chatbots that connect with external services. Enhance your operations and customer experience across all channels with our comprehensive integrations and APIs.
Improve user experience and customer satisfaction, cut costs, and increase revenue with Certainly. Virtual agents powered by AI. No-code AI Chatbot.
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What’s your main focus right now?

Whether you're in Support, Marketing, IT, Business Intelligence, or the C-suite, you're familiar with the multitude of pressing challenges your business faces. Let us help you navigate these challenges with the power of AI.

Cost reduction

You want to improve the user experience of your customers AND lower your cost? Certainly

We are all about customer service at scale. Take the heat off your Customer Support team and give them the time to focus on the conversations that require a human touch.

Self-learning Artificial Intelligence. Virtual agents that get smarter over time. Self-learning AI analyses conversation data and identifies areas to expand and improve.
Limitless scalability

Our AI seamlessly integrates into your operations, offering instant scalability without extra costs. Together, we'll build a solution tailored to your needs, ensuring quick responses to customer queries in seconds, 24/7, across over 14 languages

Certainly Integrations Hub: Where Flexibility Meets Expertise

Our technology ensures limitless options for the future, supported by expert AI application assistance and proactive solution suggestions tailored to your business needs. Cut 90% of development time with premade integrations or easily build your own.

Omnichannel support

Foster meaningful conversations across multiple channels, including your website, SMS, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, your proprietary mobile app, and more. Ensure seamless engagement regardless of how customers choose to connect with you

Streamline Your Customer Support

A great support team is an efficient support team. Make sure your humans are working on the customer experiences that makes sense and let us do the rest automatically.


of queries resolved without a human touch


faster ticket resolution when handled by the chatbot first

Multilingual no-code Artificial Intelligence chatbot builder. E-commerce AI chatbots platform. Effortless design, easy implementation. Deploy automated experiences fast.
Revenue generation

Revenue generation? Certainly.

Build flows to increase revenue, with our no-code flow builder.

Proven Ai to increase funnel

Continuously trained for larger companies, with pre-made multilingual content to cover 90% of your consumers' questions. Use it out-of-the-box or create company-specific data.

Customer acquisition

Reduce your funnel line and boost AOV. Certainly Chatbots can upsell, cross-sell, collect emails for marketing, show products, and lead visitors to the right landing pages.

“Any company that wants to develop a brand voice and boost revenue, ecommerce and D2C, I would highly recommend Certainly”
Multilingual AI chatbot platform for e-commerce – Feastables brand online shop for Mr. Beast and Chocolate - a customer success story from their e-commerce manager.
Jess Cervellon
CX Strategy & Operations Leader, Feastables

extra monthly revenue driven by Certainly


higher Average Order Value


Conversations monthly


Conversion Rate

Business Intelligence

Invaluable customer insights.

Facing the challenge of limited visibility into user behavior and struggling to obtain quality feedback? Certainly offers a game-changing solution. Engage users effortlessly through our bot's interactive and enjoyable interactions, boosting customer engagement. Leverage these conversations to uncover crucial insights into site gaps and unearth potential new product ideas. With Certainly, transform customer interactions into strategic advantages for your business.

Artificial Intelligence chatbots. Design and deploy complex conversation flow without developers. Integrate advanced enterprise functionality as you expand your scope.
Reports and aggregated insights

Simplify performance analysis by tapping into KPI Reports and Aggregated Conversation s Insights.

Data-driven optimization

Fast optimization of flows and conversations based on user behavior and feedback immediately available to you.

Insights for all teams

Use the data insights across your business: Sales, Support, IT, Marketing, Business Intelligence, C-suite and more. Gain qualitative, actionable understanding of your customers' journey.

What could your customers teach you?

Through analyzing data collected by their Certainly bots, our customers found that 30%-50% of queries were pre-purchase questions about product features!

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Multilingual Artificial Intelligence chatbots Platform for ecommerce. Software for creating and management of virtual agents. Improve customer satisfaction, cut costs, increase revenue.
Customer Loyalty

Want to get new customers and keep them?

In an increasingly uncertain market, customers who engage in meaningful conversations are vital for your business's success. At Certainly we interact and solve problems, not “just” a chatbot.

Human-like interactions

Customize your bot for authentic interactions. From cute to classic, infuse your brand's personality into every touchpoint. Because nobody wants to chat with a boring robot.

Post-sales support

Offer automated support on FAQ, shipping, delivery, returns, and more. Quick ticket deflection means less waiting time, higher CSAT, NPS, and customer lifetime value.

Increase brand loyalty

Keep your customers engaged by signing them up to community newsletters based on their customer profile. Provide user-tailored offers based on purchase history and intent.

Your customers will thank you!

The buyer’s journey doesn’t start or end at a signed contract or check-out. Certainly customers don’t just see a spike in conversion rates, but also satisfied customers!
85%Bot Performance Evaluation
Rat & Boa
52Net Promoter Score
57Net Promoter Score
3xAvg. conversion rate across our customers
Tiger of Sweden
Application of ai

Application of AI? Certainly

We help companies build the business case for conversational AI. Finding the spot, where AI is not hype, but creates actual value.

Where to use

Determine the most beneficial areas in your business for AI application. This involves assessing your operations to find processes that can be improved or streamlined with AI, such as customer service, data analysis, or automation of repetitive tasks.

How to implement

Once the potential AI applications are identified, the next step is planning the implementation. This includes choosing the right AI technology, setting clear objectives, and ensuring your team has the necessary skills or training. It's about integrating AI seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows.

Find the added value of AI

Understanding the benefits of AI is crucial. This step focuses on how AI can enhance your business operations, such as by improving efficiency, reducing errors, enhancing customer experience, or generating new insights. It's about quantifying these benefits in terms of time saved, increased revenue, customer satisfaction, or other relevant metrics.

Cost based on language Model and Business Models

The final step involves analyzing the cost implications. This covers the expenses related to the AI technology itself (like language models) and how it fits into your overall business model. It's about finding a cost-effective solution that aligns with your business objectives while ensuring a good return on investment.
The Challenge of Quantifying AI's Impact

Understanding and quantifying the impact of AI can be daunting. Businesses often struggle to develop a tangible business case around AI, facing difficulties in measuring the potential benefits and returns. This is where we step in.

Beyond the Hype: Practical AI Application

AI is often surrounded by hype, but we focus on its practical, value-adding aspects. Our expertise lies in distinguishing speculative trends from genuinely transformative AI applications, ensuring your investment reaps tangible benefits.

Setting the right AI strategy steps in at this crucial point, helping companies navigate the complexities of AI strategy and implementation. We specialize in evaluating AI's impact and developing strong business cases for its adoption.


Certainly integrations hub

We created tons of template integrations for you to use out-of-the-box. And if you need more options and flexibility, connect your bot with APIs and Webhooks.

Certainly integrates with Zendesk
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Certainly integrates with Shopify
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Certainly integrates with Gorgias
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Certainly integrates with Freshdesk
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Certainly integrates with Microsoft
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Certainly integrates with UPS
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