The best Conversational AI for your Zendesk? Certainly.

Drive excellent customer experiences by combining Zendesk with Certainly, the most flexible conversational AI platform on the market, backed by experts in implementing use-cases that matter to you. We're with you every step of the way, ensuring your success.

Trusted by leading brands running on Zendesk
Cost reduction

Deliver great user experiences while decreasing costs.

Elevate your business with Certainly's unparalleled advantage: a technically flexible platform seamlessly integrating with virtually any system. Experience personalized support where our experts are just a call away, ready to assist you in crafting bespoke solutions. Say goodbye to lengthy wait times and hello to rapid innovation. With Certainly, you enhance user experiences while streamlining costs effortlessly.

Self-learning Artificial Intelligence. Virtual agents that get smarter over time. Self-learning AI analyses conversation data and identifies areas to expand and improve.
Limitless scalability

Instant scalability without any added costs. Certainly’s AI can understand and answers customer queries in seconds, 24/7 in over 14 languages.

Certainly Integrations Hub

Cut 90% of development time when building new integrations with your business systems: find tons of premade integrations or easily build your own.

Omnichannel support

Answer customer queries regardless of how they contact you: your website, SMS, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, your own mobile app, and more.

Streamline your customer support

Whether it’s from the sheer number of tickets deflected or simplifying the ones handled by human operators, see how you can improve efficiency like these Certainly customers.


of queries resolved without a human touch


faster ticket resolution when handled by Certainly first


Why Zendesk Customers Choose Certainly as a Conversational AI Partner

Easy to integrate and customize

Connects instantly to your Zendesk Messaging account, unlimited flexibility and customization.


A screenshot of products from MrBeast's Feastables with a conversation superimposed over it. The chat says "If you add two more chocolate bars to your order, you'll get a free t-shirt". There is also the Shopify integration.
Generative AI that Scales

Generative AI that is tailored to your business, across all of your Zendesk channels, more customizable and scalable than AI Agents.


A list of Certainly's chatbot templates for Shopify, Ecommerce, and Support. A product card for a pair of sunglasses is overlaid.
Seamless Escalations

Shorten resolution times by letting Certainly prepopulate ticket fields, tags, and summarizing your conversations.


The Traffic Reporting pane in the Certainly Platform. There are also buttons for Message Insights and Inbox. The Fallback Fate & Message reporting for the fallbacks is superimposed over the graph.
Reporting & Insights

Aggregated insights and proactive AI recommendations to optimize your solutions.


A image of the Certainly logo connecting to those of Trustpilot, Mailchimp, DeepL, OpenAI, Easysize, Klavyio, Zendesk, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gorgias, and blank one representing Rest APIs.
Easy to integrate and customize
Connects instantly to Zendesk MEssaging, synchronizes with your Zendesk tags, standard and custom ticket fields, your Zendes CSAT, and more.
A woman on her phone. Over the top is a Instagram DM conversation asking where an item is, the icons for supported channels, and the integrations that are accessed to find the item.
Generative AI & Rich Automations
Premade content for 90% of the most common customer queries
A screenshot of the Certainly Platform showing the built in flow templates & the NLU languages.
Seamless Escalations
Never be left in the dark with Traffic & Message Insights reporting
The Shopify logo over a screenshot of an ecommerce site
Reporting & Maintenance
Native integrations to the most widely used ecommerce tools
Questions in English, Japanese, Danish, and Romanian, illustrating Certainly's multilingual features.
“Any company that wants to develop a brand voice and boost revenue, ecommerce and D2C, I would highly recommend Certainly”
Multilingual AI chatbot platform for e-commerce – Feastables brand online shop for Mr. Beast and Chocolate - a customer success story from their e-commerce manager.
Jess Cervellon
CX Strategy & Operations Leader, Feastables

extra monthly revenue driven by Certainly


higher Average Order Value


Conversations monthly


Conversion Rate

Business Intelligence

Invaluable customer insights.

Facing the challenge of limited visibility into user behavior and struggling to obtain quality feedback? Certainly offers a game-changing solution. Engage users effortlessly through our bot's interactive and enjoyable interactions, boosting customer engagement. Leverage these conversations to uncover crucial insights into site gaps and unearth potential new product ideas. With Certainly, transform customer interactions into strategic advantages for your business.

Artificial Intelligence chatbots. Design and deploy complex conversation flow without developers. Integrate advanced enterprise functionality as you expand your scope.
Reports and aggregated insights

Simplify performance analysis by tapping into KPI Reports and Aggregated Conversation s Insights.

Data-driven optimization

Fast optimization of flows and conversations based on user behavior and feedback immediately available to you.

Insights for all teams

Use the data insights across your business: Sales, Support, IT, Marketing, Business Intelligence, C-suite and more. Gain qualitative, actionable understanding of your customers' journey.

What could your customers teach you?

Through analyzing data collected by their Certainly bots, our customers found that 30%-50% of queries were pre-purchase questions about product features!

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Build next-gen chatbots with Zendesk in mind


Native one-click integration with Zendesk Messaging, Chat, Support, and Guide, Support, Guide, Sunshine Conversations, and more.


IT Security approved & complaint with GDPR, HIPAA FSA & SOC2.

API & Webhooks

Connect to any third-party, including your own proprietary APIs, and take your bots to the next level.


The Conversational AI that understands your customers, in their own languages.

Always ready

We are there to help you maximize AI impact, today and tomorrow.

No Code

No- or low-code, custom integrations with 3rd party CRM, Product & ERP tools.

“Any company that wants to develop a brand voice and boost revenue, ecommerce and D2C, I would highly recommend Certainly”

Jess Cervellon, Head of Customer Experience, Feastables.
Jess Cervellon
Head of Customer Experience, Feastables
A photo of Jimmy Donaldson, A.K.A. MrBeast, with his Feastables branded chocolates.

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“Certainly allows for a very flexible configuration which we couldn't find anywhere else.”
Lucy Greenwood, CEO & Founder, Lucy & Yak
Richard James
Head of Digital, Rat & Boa