Help create the world’s largest multi-language AI chatbot for Coronavirus

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I am sure that you, like many of us, have personally (or know people who have) been waiting forever on getting a proper answer from your local health authority, doctor, employer or insurance concerning Coronavirus.

The authorities are being bombarded with questions from people concerned about the health and financial effect of the Coronavirus, and the result is very, very long waiting times, uncertainty from citizens and unbearable stress on the hard-working people in those organizations.

We want to do our part in helping people get faster, reliable answers and for organizations and companies to minimize the impact this has on their support teams. We provide AI-based solutions and know from experience that companies around the world, who are using our AI in their customer support today, are witnessing how AI is a win-win for everyone, both the end-users and employees. By using AI to answer a large percentage of the questions they get, the authorities, organizations and companies free up valuable time for their support teams, so they can spend more time on other questions that require a human touch.

Our aim is to give our contribution to the fight against Coronavirus but we need YOUR help.

A chatbot for coronavirus

The challenge with getting the AI ready to help answer questions on Coronavirus is that the dataset it needs to be trained on is non-existing. The dataset in this case would be a variety of examples of Coronavirus-related questions in different languages. The dataset will allow the chatbot for coronavirus to understand user questions and provide information accordingly.

To solve this, we are now making public our proprietary AI trainer, which makes it easy to contribute with sentences. You can help by adding Coronavirus-related questions in your local language. Anyone who wants to contribute can do so, in any language.

What will we do with that data? We will make sure to compile the data, refine it, train the AI and build the world’s first and largest AI dataset dedicated to Coronavirus.

AI Trainer – creating the dataset

The online AI trainer will guide you through a series of typical Coronavirus questions. It will, for example, say “You want to know what to do if you are sick”. Then you will type in a question or sentence, in your language and in your own way of asking it. For example, you would maybe input sentences like “what should I do if I am sick?” or “what to do if I feel sick?”.

As you type in your questions, you will help create a varied dataset so that the chatbot for coronavirus will be able to understand more and more variations of any of these questions. People will ask the same question in many different ways, so it’s best for the AI to have a large pool of phrases.

How you can contribute, today

There are two ways you can make an impact.

  • As an individual:

All you have to do is to type in different questions. The data that anyone contributes with will be 100% anonymous. Once that is done, you can try out the AI and see how well it understands a Corona-related question. The more people contribute, the more the AI will improve – so it is really the sum of all our individual contributions that will make a difference.

  • Share with others:

We encourage you to share the AI trainer with your colleagues, family and friends so that they can also contribute and share. AI technology is a powerful tool; let’s use it to do something good.

What will the dataset help solve, now and later?

  • In the short term:

The dataset we will create during this time can help anyone who is currently building and using chatbots and voice bots to make it easier for end-users to ask questions in their native language and for the bot to understand the questions and provide answers.

The dataset will be open sourced, free to use, and made available as a paid, plug-and-play version. Both are usable to all individuals, companies, organizations and universities who want to build solutions that help with Coronavirus. The data is also being used for the chatbot for coronavirus ‘Coronabot’ we have launched as an example of how the dataset can be used.

  • In the long term:

The dataset can be re-used for other diseases. By replacing “Coronavirus” with any other known disease, virus or infection, future solutions will be able to provide information about those too.

This type of technology is fast to implement, and it would help health organizations, public authorities, doctors, and private companies respond much quicker and be proactive to any new local or international health issue. Providing instant answers to questions coming from citizens, employees and customers is crucial to avoid uncertainty and stress on both ends: those who ask the questions, and those who struggle to answer all of them, in call centers and customer support.

We are starting with the most asked questions on Coronavirus, but we will expand the topics into, for example, employment, insurance, travel, etc related to the Coronavirus. That means the dataset will expand over time and will be customizable to any context or industry. The dataset can easily become company-specific, to answer questions that apply to a specific company and their employees only.

Having a public source of reliable information will also help combat misinformation. This chatbot for coronavirus, and any bot created with a similar purpose, can provide fast and reliable answers sourced from the authorities and companies people trust, without having to seek information in countless different places.

The dataset can be used in any language and can be used together in both text- and voice-based bots or communication systems.

Thank you,

Henrik Fabrin CEO & Co-founder + the entire Certainly team.

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