Certainly x ChatGPT: the future of ecommerce support

Free yourself from repetitive tickets with an AI chatbot using Certainly & OpenAI.

Meet your new best support agent, powered by Certainly & OpenAI

Supercharge your customer service with a brand specific version of ChatGPT, trained on your support guidelines, integrated with your tech stack, & built on the Certainly Chatbot Platform.

Superfast time-to-value

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Create a support bot in minutes which generates explainable, brand compliant responses

Humanlike interactions

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Boost CSAT and brand engagement with engaging answers to any question

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The #1 chatbot platform designed for ecommerce support

Customer service at scale. Take the heat off your Customer Support team & give them the time to focus on the conversations that require a human touch.

Built for ecommerce

Smoothly integrates with Shopify & a large database of ecommerce content

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Fits into your tech stack

Native integrations to your helpdesk, CRM, and support channels

A woman on her phone. Over the top is a Instagram DM conversation asking where an item is, the icons for supported channels, and the integrations that are accessed to find the item.
Templated flows

Premade content for 90% of the most common customer queries

A screenshot of the Certainly Platform showing the built in flow templates & the NLU languages.
One-click multilingual

Chat with customers in their preferred language out-of-the-box

Questions in English, Japanese, Danish, and Romanian, illustrating Certainly's multilingual features.
Certainly is trusted by leading ecommerce brands around the globe

tickets solved without human touch


increase in customer service efficiency


languages supported

“Having half our tickets resolved automatically has made a huge difference to the Customer Service team!“

Lucy Greenwood
CEO & Founder, Lucy & Yak
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