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Siksilk’s Conversational Chatbot Solution

Ecommerce retailer Siksilk has been able to benefit from AI automation across the entire user journey. A Conversational Commerce Chatbot provides outstanding pre-sales user experiences, while a Customer Support AI Assistant for post-sales:

  • Closes around 50% of all tickets per day without any human involvement
  • Has exceptional NPS results of over +57 (vs the industry benchmark of +43).

Who are SikSilk ?

SikSilk are a fashion brand who combine sports and streetwear to create bold, fresh styles with prints and reclaimed wears. Their aim is to create a movement of youth culture who are active, being creative and making a statement in what they wear.

They are a fast-growing company, based 100% online, and selling globally. They work with Shopify consultancy Webmefy – an agency who use innovative technologies to help ecommerce brands like SikSilk who want to optimize and automate processes to increase sales volumes.

That’s where Certainly came into the picture. SikSilk needed an AI assistant to support their Customer Care team 24/7, and Webmefy needed a partner who would deliver high-quality Conversational AI solutions and integrate with templates to all SikSilk ’s existing channels – including Zendesk, nicereply and Shopify.

Creating SikSilk’s Conversational Chatbot

The motivation from day one was not just to have a ‘bot’, but the most human, conversational ‘AI assistant’ they could have.

Webmefy, therefore, worked within the Certainly platform to create more than 200 modules for each individual case, and with more than 500 intents to train the conversational AI for the different SikSilk domains.

SikSilk ’s assistant, Melo, went live in December 2020, starting its life in the Zendesk-hosted Help Center on their Australian shop and expanding from there.

Melo is able to support cases from the most frequent to the unexpected; opening tickets, directing customers, and closing 24/7 without human input.

I would highlight the ease of communication with Certainly engineers during the development. Plus, the excellent and fast responses they have always provided.”

Ana Etxebarria, Customer Experience Officer, SikSilk

We spoke to Aurora Sanchez, CMO of Webmefy, to hear about their experiences of using the Certainly platform for building a Customer Service AI Assistant.

The process was easy, because Certainly provide pre-built integration templates for cases like this. Alongside this they have webhooks which we were able to use as a base and adapt to our needs.”

Sometimes the process was more complicated, as with Nicereply, where SikSilk wanted some specific data to be gathered – like customer location and email, in order to give information for follow ups.

Through collaboration with Certainly and the help of our dev team we were able to achieve this too though.”

Webmefy helped SikSilk to re-platform to Shopify, where they are now able to deliver first-line customer support 24/7 order tracking through Conversational AI. Through their integration with Zendesk, SikSilk are able to perform instant order lookup on Shopify and root users to different departments depending on the countries they are navigating from.

A smooth integration with Zendesk

Operating on SikSilk ‘s Zendesk HelpCenter, Melo handles the first line of post-sales support across several regions. Among other things, he runs dynamic order status searches on SikSilk ‘s Shopify environment, including the dynamic retrieval of products for cross-selling purposes.

Now, almost half the queries are handled without human input and gaining Melo scores exceptional NPS results of over 57.

The thousands of hours that Melo has been able to save SikSilk’s team is particularly pertinent for ecommerce brands approaching peak season. Instead of having to hire extra staff on short-term contracts, an AI assistant minimizes repetitive tasks and handles hundreds of customer inquiries automatically.

But they weren’t stopping there…

An AI Assistant to Support the Entire Customer Journey

SikSilk were determined to continue humanizing their brand and keep delivering unique user experiences.
AI Chatbot technology has traditionally been associated with after-sales care. However, Certainly offers a holistic approach, providing personalized service across the entire user journey.

That’s why, when we mentioned to Webmefy our Conversational Commerce features, they leaped at the chance to be one of the first to try our innovative solution. By creating a Digital Twin of their best salesperson, they wanted to open up the pre-sales customer journey to AI assistance. The focus would therefore be on:

  • Helping with size guidance
  • Fit detection
  • Gift recommendations
  • Checkout support.

Delivering Hyper-personalized User Experiences with a Conversational Commerce Chatbot

Two-way communication was first set up between the webpage and the Conversational Commerce Chatbot. Specific triggers lead to conversations, based on factors like scrolling over certain products, adding to the basket, hesitating at checkout, etc.  

Dynamic, conversational messaging engages the visitor based on specific actions – not spamming the visitor but driving engagement instead.

This approach effectively removes the silos which have existed until now between a Conversational Commerce Chatbot and a website page.

Certainly are proud to play a part in the toolkit of products that are helping drive extraordinary e-commerce results for retailers like Siksilk, who since June, continue to see significant increases to their Average Order Value (+40%), Conversion Rate by (+14%) and the number of users reaching checkout (+31%).* 

*Figures represent company-wide results without direct or assisted attribution data from the AI Assistant.

Built with the User in Mind

The Conversational Commerce chatbot is anchored around 3 cases: size guide, cross-selling and minimising cart abandonment.

One of the most frequent reasons for returns is because the user has no idea which size to use – 67% of returns are due to picking the wrong size.

SikSilk ’s AI assistant also has the ‘add to cart’ option. This is capable of giving more visibility to upsells and cross-sells which already exist for each online store. Alongside this is helpful checkout assistance which is helping to decrease cart abandonment.

SikSilk now benefits not from a conventional chatbot but from an AI Assistant integrated as one channel onto their website. It is capable of navigating and taking actions on the shopper’s behalf, based on unique dialogue. 

With AI Chatbots for pre-sales, Marketing and Sales departments can start reaping the benefits which Customer Service Departments have been experiencing for years:

  • Lowering product return rates
  • Reducing bounce rates
  • Building Customer Lifetime Value.

The results SikSilk have achieved with Conversational AI throughout the User Journey 

Melo opens tickets, serving and providing information to users with any interaction they have with their purchase. This helps humanize the brand, enabling each and every user to feel more confident with the brand during their journey.

The results so far show us that Melo has achieved excellent recognition:

  • Has exceptional NPS results of over +57 (vs industry benchmark of +43).
  • Closes almost 50% of all tickets per day without any human involvement

The next step for SikSilk is building Customer Loyalty  

This is by no means a finished journey – the nature of Conversational AI for e-commerce and the data insights it provides means there are always wider uses and optimization possibilities.  

Building loyalty through their Conversational Commerce chatbot is at the forefront of the future plans for Webmefy and SikSilk . Around 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers, which is why Melo will be the main character of SikSilk’s brand and the loyalty program across multiple languages and markets.  

Getting a new client is more expensive than keeping and retaining one who already knows you. This loyalty is what Conversational AI does so well.”

Aurora Sanchez, CMO of Webmefy
Sicksilk customer success story for using Conversational AI Chatbot from Certainly
By continuing to humanize their brand, passing on unique offers and membership-only reductions through Melo, SikSilk will build retention and Customer Lifetime Value.

I would absolutely recommend Certainly, it is a very useful tool to improve the customer experience and drive revenue across each e-commerce platform.

Nowadays, the biggest brands are only using e-commerce platforms, so exceptional Customer Experiences are an essential for any business. Conversational AI provides a touchpoint across the customer’s journey, helping consistently add value and build loyalty.

Aurora Sanchez, CMO of Webmefy

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This article is based on the interview between Ben Culpin and Aurora Sanchez, CMO of Webmefy.

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